Aims & Objective

To provide a cost effective base for pursuing comprehensive education program,to develop academic knowledge and skills along with essential ingredients of entrepreneurial attitude and orientation.

1. To impart education on modern scientific lines from nursery, lower k.G. , U.k.G., I T O XII Classes to children both boys and girls in the age group 2.5 yrs onwards.

2. The school is following C.B.S.E. Pattern of education. It is affiliated to C.B.S.E. Board New Delhi. 3. The institution is housed in a spacious building amidst picturesque surroundings .At one end three is an open – air play – center for outdoor exercise in a well laid – out park .There are ample opportunities for children to develop the hobby of gardening and create in them love for flowers and plants .A small workshop has been provided for different types of activities and craft works. .Yoga classes are also held .Scouting is also one of our activities .Physical training and games are compulsory.

4. The school has a well furnished library too of its own with sufficient books on various subjects of interest of children and also according to C.B.S.E. Norms.

5. Elocution, Dramatics, Dance and Music are also encouraged .Special faculties exist for training in several Hobbies –During summer vacation different hobby classes are organized to enhance the inner talents of the student on extra payment.

6. Children are encouraged to manage their affairs themselves as possible through, self – service and prefect system. In order to inculcate in them a sense of dignity for labour activities like gardening requiring manual labour, are included in the routine .

7. Moral education is an important Part of education in this school. Every day in the morning students gather in Assembly Hall where daily news and thoughts of the day is conducted, prayer and devotional songs are recited, according to schedule.

8. Computer programming and training courses are run from class first Onwards.
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